Aspen, Colo. – June 5, 2023 – The City of Aspen is introducing the 2023 Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship program. This will be a pilot program and is the first of its kind provided by the city intended to support individual, local artists by providing funding along with a focus on fostering relationship building within the artistic community. This grant is separated into two categories, adult and youth fellowships.

This pilot program was created out of City Council’s desire to utilize new ways to stimulate cultural and artistic vibrancy in Aspen.

“The Cultural Vibrancy Fellowships are an extension of the city of Aspen Arts and Culture grants that will directly impact our local students, artists, and community,” said Torre, City of Aspen Mayor. “We are excited about the opportunities we are creating for the arts to be accessible, engaging, and even more a part of our community fabric.”

To support adult artists in furthering their careers, creative practice, or pursuing innovative ideas, this grant provides monetary support and fellowship. There is a parallel youth grant that provides financial support to further skills and exploration of art. Along with the funding, adult recipients will participate in convenings intended to foster a network of support, sharing of ideas, and relationship building through sustained learning and growth with the intent of creating a ripple effect in the community. A component of the program is for all adult grantees to contribute in their own way towards further enrichment of Aspen’s arts and culture environment. Examples of community contributions may include mentoring youth artists, teaching, and volunteering at art-related events. Funding for 2023 is available for up to $3,500 for up to 12 eligible artists and up to $500 for up to eight youth artists between the ages of 14 to 18 years old.

“In a time when many are worried about our community losing its uniqueness and creativity, the Aspen Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship is one small yet impactful way to help foster creativity and community”, said Lisa Rigsby Peterson, executive director of the Wheeler Opera House. “By supporting local artists, and encouraging budding youth artists, we are tangibly demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the cultural vibrancy of our community.”

The grant is intended to further enrich Aspen’s cultural environment by enabling community vitality and providing an opportunity for artistic growth. Sarah Roy, executive director of the Red Brick Center for the Arts stated, “The arts provide us with opportunities to connect with each other in shared experiences, view life in new ways, cultivate empathy, and are a significant contributor to our economy. By supporting our local artists and youth artists, we are investing in a more vibrant, healthier, and connected community.”

Applications are open June 5, 2023, and will close on July 12, 2023 at 5 p.m. To view grant guidelines, eligibility requirements and to apply online, visit

Applications Open Today Through July 12

Contact: John Barker, Office of Strategy and Innovation, or 970-920-5716

Emily Ford, Communications Coordinator, or 970-379-9373