The Wheeler Opera House is committed to reducing waste throughout our venue. With a goal to provide appropriate facilities and resources for operating an environmentally responsible and sustainable venue, we can make an impact in our community by advocating and educating visiting artists, guests, and community partners on these new initiatives.

Together we can make a difference.

The following practices now in place support our common goals to reduce waste, eliminate single-use plastic, and strive for an environmentally sustainable venue.

  • Reusable water bottles are provided upon request in backstage areas (no single-use plastics allowed).
  • In 2017, reduced and eliminated the use of plastic straws venue wide.
  • Only recyclable corn plastic cups or compostable cups venue wide.
  • Bar operator provides compostable glasses or boxed water instead of single-serving plastic water bottles 95% of the year.
  • Venue-wide composting (including restaurant).
  • Terra-cycling program for administrative areas

Reusable water bottles backstage | In 2017, the Wheeler received a City of Aspen Green Team grant, combined with Wheeler Funds, and we were able to purchase reusable water bottles that visiting artists use when on-site at the Wheeler. We installed a new hot/cold water dispenser for artists in the back of house areas. Reusable bottles are hand sanitized and ready for use again. This has allowed us to reach and continue our collective goal of eliminating disposable plastic water bottles backstage.

Reduce and eliminate plastic straws | We ask our patrons and guests to “Skip the Straw.”  Straws are consistently in the top 10 items of marine debris collected every year during the International Coastal Cleanup. Visit Ocean Conservancy for more info and join us by taking the skip the straw pledge both inside and outside our venue.

Recyclable | Compostable| Water | The Wheeler bar concessionaire is aligned with our wasteless campaign. Considering alternative options to plastic, using recyclable or compostable drinkware, and moving to box water for sale, or compostable glasses of water, over single-use plastic water bottles.

Venue-Wide Composting | At the Wheeler Opera House, we are proud to provide venue-wide composting. From administrative offices to back-of-house artist services and front-of-house lobby and patron areas, composting options are available. Onsite community and rental events also abide by our recycling and composting guidelines.

Terra-cycling | In 2019, Wheeler Opera House staff took initiative to include TerraCycle, Eliminating the Idea of Waste® by recycling the “non-recyclable.”  from coffee capsules, pens, plastic gloves, toothpaste containers, TerraCycle partners with collectors across 20 different countries to offer recycling for items not accepted thru local recycling streams.